About us
We are an online broker that values simplicity, transparency and honesty. We are owned by Pareto Securities AB. We have been around for a long time – since 1965 actually. The fact that we have  been around for a long time does not mean that we cannot keep up the pace, au contraire. We take advantage of our long history and solid experiences to offer you a fair and reasonable investment opportunity. What you might perceive as a difficult task becomes easy with us. We believe that anyone should be able to sign up and begin their journey towards a solid long term economy. Our mission is to be a fair and modern player on the financial market, inspiring trust and helpfulness.

Our offerings
We offer trading in equity shares and mutual funds. We have a special product offering trading shares in amounts and fractions. Are you intrigued? Learn more about our product Andelsorder on our website. We also offer the tax favorable product Investeringssparkonto (ISK), pension savigs through Individuellt pensionssparande (IPS), savings for minors to mention some. You can read more about our offerings on our website. By the way, in all of our Internet services, we communicate in Swedish.

Join us!
We are happy that you consider to join us. To become a client and open an account please use our automatic on-boarding process (Logga in). You need to be digitalized in order to enjoy our full potential. Contact our Client Service desk for more information and instructions on how to become our client.

Communication language
As we are a Swedish financial institution directing our offerings within Sweden, our written communication is mainly in Swedish. With that said, we do manage the English language as well within the company should this be the preferred speaking language (by phone or e-mail correspondence).

Foreign residents
Being a Swedish broker we direct our offerings to the Swedish market. Due to tax restrictions and legal demands we are limited to accept clients resident within EU/EES for the time being. We are not proud of it but that’s the honest truth.

To find out more
Are you intrigued? Please visit our website www.aktieinvest.se, our Instagram and Facebook profiles, follow us on Twitter or simply call us on 08-5065 1700.

Cooperate with us
We are always interested in fun collaborations and suggestions.
Want to know more about Aktieinvest? Want to start a collaboration, get in touch with someone, or do you need someone to explain the savings, shares or the stock market? No matter what, you are welcome to contact us.